Ian Glen


120mm Micro Quad

What started out as an FT Gremlin has evolved into a crazy 4S-powered micro quad.

Desktop CNC

A semi-portable desktop CNC for milling and 3D printing. Currently in development.


SecureDrawer is a device that can be attached to any drawer and uses Bluetooth Low Energy to automatically and painlessly lock and unlock it depending on your phone’s proximity to the drawer.

Plane Bot

A robot that sits on your desk and shoots miniature balsa wood planes.


A DJ for your bluetooth speaker. Have your party guests request songs and automatically play Pandora where there no more requests. Won Best Hardware Hack at HAkron 2.0.

Bubble Tank

A robot who’s sole purpose is to drive around and shoot bubbles.

350mm H Quadcopter

A 350mm H-style quadcopter that I designed to be more durable and reliable. Some of the components I reused from the X-quad, but on a lot of things, like the carbon fiber frame, I started fresh.


Force which OS your computer boots into using a physical toggle switch. This was our project for HackOHI/O 2016.

400mm X Quadcopter

A 400mm X-style quadcopter that I built on a tight budget with no prior experience with quadcopters or RC aircraft.

HHS Makerspace Sign

An LED sign for the Hudson High School makerspace. It features the HHS ship and “MAKERSPACE” spelled out in LEDs.

Project Car - 3000gt VR-4

My daily driver/project car is a 1993 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR-4.