Ian Glen

400mm X Quadcopter

A 400mm X-style quadcopter that I built on a tight budget with no prior experience with quadcopters or RC aircraft.

Many naive design choices were made, and while it flew, it was not durable and did not perform well. It met its fate after suffering a hard crash which caused the frame to completely disintegrate.

Project Updates

Quadcopter Status Update

It’s been quite a long time since I posted anything about my quadcopter and a lot has happened. Which includes me crashing it and destroying the frame.

Flashing Turnigy Multistar ESCs with Simonk

As I have begun to learn more and more about this whole quadcopter thing, I’ve heard many people recommend replacing the stock firmware that comes with ESCs with a custom firmware, Simonk, that is specifically tuned for multicopters.

Building a Quadcopter

Well, I’ve finally decided to build a quadcopter: an awesome robotic flying machine that is quite an improvement on the traditional RC helicopter.


Note: Please do not build a quadcopter using this spec list. It doesn’t fly well.


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